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Orientations /Orientacion137.5307.5
Infection control / Control de infecciones137.51918.5
Anatomy, Phys., Chem. & Elect. /Anatomia, Fisiologia, Quim. & Elect.137.52512.5
Hair theory & care / Teoria del cabello y cuidado137.51819.5
Haircutting I / Corte de Cabello I137.51819.5
Styling Techniques I / Tecnicas y estilo I137.51522.5
Hair Styling I / Peinados I137.51522.5
Esthetics / Estetica137.51522.5
Nail Care / Cuidado de unas137.51819.5
Total Hours and Credits:9337.5173164.5


Hair Styling II / Peinado II137.51027.5
Hair Styling III / Peinado III137.51027.5
Hair Styling IV / Peinado IV137.51027.5
Long Hair Graphics I /Graficas de cabello largo I137.51819.5
Long Hair Graphics II /Graficas de cabello largo II137.51027.5
Wigs and Hairpieces / Pelucas y Postizos137.51720.5
Hair Techniques II / Tecnicas de cabello II137.51027.5
Hair Techniques III / Tecnicas de cabello III137.51027.5
Bleaching I / Decoloracion I137.51918.5
Bleaching II / Decoloracion II137.51027.5
color I / Color I137.51819.5
color II / Color II137.51027.5
Permanent I / Permanente I137.51819.5
Permanent II / Permanente II137.51027.5
Smooothing I / Alizado I137.51918.5
Smooothing II / Alizado II137.51027.5
Haircutting II / Corte de cabello II137.51819.5
Haircutting III / Corte de cabello III137.51027.5
Haircutting IV / Corte de cabello IV137.51027.5
Haircutting V / Corte de cabello V137.51027.5
Esthetics Advanced / Estetica avanzada137.51027.5
Waxing / Depilacion137.51027.5
Make up II / Maquillaje II137.51027.5
Manicuring / Manicura137.51027.5
Artificial Nail Set / Unas Artificiales137.51027.5
Pedicure / Pedicura137.51027.5
Business Administration / Administracion de Negocios137.51027.5
Exam Practicum / Examen Practico137.51027.5
Clinic / Clinica3112.52092.5
Total Hour and Credits:311162.5379783.5
Total Program:40 Uns.1500 Hrs.552 T.H.948 P.H.

You’ll Be Ready to take your state exam

After you graduate from our institute, you’ll be more than ready to take the proficiency test offered by the State Board of Cosmetology.

However, you’ll need to have a high school diploma, GED, or be at least 18 years of age to take this test. You’ll also have to pay separate fees for the test.

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